Why are the outside of my cabinets lighter than the inside?

This is usually because they were painted with an Alkyd or Oil base paint. Alkyd or oil based paints will darken or amber over time. Absence of light accelerates this process so areas that don't get exposed to light will darken quicker. See the article in our blog for more information.

Can cool temperatures effect paint?

Yes, Cool temperature can effect the sheen, color and even cause a soapy film to occur. First you can get "surfactant leaching" which is when the wetting agents of the paint create a soapy discoloration on the paint films surface. Second you can get an uneven sheen when applying paint below 50 degrees. The last and most common problem with fluctuating temperature is touch-up difficulties. See the article in our blog for the complete story.

How soon can I paint concrete?

You should wait 30 days to paint a concrete slab or wall. This also applies to painting masonry block or bricks. You may need to etch the surface, and it is best to start with the proper primer.

Do I have to buy a whole gallon of paint to see the color?

NO. We have pint samples of Benjamin Moore's Classic Collection, Color Preview and the Affinity Collection. We also have test Quarts of all Richards Paint colors. This is the best way to test a color.

Can I paint pressure treated lumber?

Yes. Let the lumber dry out first, this can take several weeks. Next, wash it with 1 part bleach and 3 parts water, let it dry. Now prime with an exterior alkyd primer and its ready to paint.

Can I paint my vinyl siding?

Yes. Make sure the siding is clean and use a good quality acrylic paint. Our Moorglo House Paint is excellant for vinyl siding. One BIG word of caution - do not paint the siding any darker than the original color, it can cause the siding to warp.

Can I paint latex paint over oil base paint?

The short answer is yes, but with lots of explanation. See our blog on painting latex paint over oil base paint for the details.