There is a lot of advertising going on about the new low VOC paints. Lets start with what VOC's (Volital Organic Content) are. Basically VOC's are what, other than water, evaporates into the air during the curing of the paint. These are usually solvents used during the manufacturing of the paint, and they help improve application characteristics. Many paint companies make a low VOC paint and some even make zero VOC products. However these terms only apply to the paint before it is tinted to your color. To my knowledge Benamin Moore is the only paint company that makes low VOC and zero VOC products even after the paint is tinted. This is a big deal when you have allergies or if you just don't want yourself or your family exposed to paint fumes. As an added benifit the waterborne tinting system Benjamin Moore has developed is also a high performance system. So you get no added VOC's, and better hide and color retention. This means less paint used and a longer lasting paint job. Who doesn't want that? Expectant mothers should try our zero VOC paints, you'll be glad you did. We offer several types and price points in the zero VOC products.