The cleaned and stained fence looks great!
Mildewed and dirty fence.
Washing the fence.
Cleaned and dry, ready to stain.
Staining- note the cardboard to protect the grass.

Restoring an old wooden fence really dresses up your yard. This article will give you all the details on how to restore your wooden fence. I recently restored 103 linear feet of 6 foot tall treated picket fence (one side only). The first thing to do is power wash to remove dirt, mildew and the loose wood fibers. I used a 2700 psi washer with a 15 degree tip, keep off the wood 10” and clean with the direction of the wood. I cleaned one half of a picket per swipe. Be careful not to splinter the wood. Next I used the chemical injector to apply a bleach solution to the cleaned pickets. This kills any remaining mildew spores and gets the fence ready to be stained. Make a couple passes with the bleach to keep the fence wet for about 20 minutes. Finally a quick rinse and let the fence dry. The cleaning process took about 2 ½ hours and used 3 gallons of bleach. TIP: Wear eye protection and be ready to get wet.

After allowing the fence to dry for 2 days I applied Benjamin Moore’s Alkyd Transparent Stain Cedar 323-40. I used a ½ “nap roller cover and back brushed to work the stain into the wood. The staining process took about 4 hours and I used 3 ½ gallons of stain. Total time on this project was less than 7 hours and the cost was about $250.00 including the power washer rental. The results were awesome and it completely changed the feel of our side yard. This is a project you will be glad you did.