Here is another project that doesn't take much time, but it can really dress up your home. Always start by cleaning away all dirt & mildew. One part bleach six parts water and a little soap will do the job. Using a scrub brush makes it easy to clean in between the slats. If there is loose or peeling paint it must be removed, sand the rough edges and prime with Benjamin Moore Acrylic Fresh Start Primer (023-00). Top coat with Benjamin Moore MoorGlo Soft Gloss House Paint (N096-xx). It only takes about 15 minutes to paint a shutter so this goes fast. I prefer to paint the shutters without removing them which helps speed things along. Read these cautions! Some plastic shutters are designed not to be painted, although when they have weathered I have still had good luck with the paint sticking (no guarantees). Do not paint vinyl shutters a darker color than the original color; it can cause them to warp. Use about 2 oz of Floetrol by the Flood Company for each quart of paint, this helps eliminate brush marks and slows the drying of the paint so it’s easier to paint in our wind and heat.