Recently a gentleman told me his latex paint was drying so fast that it would actually come off the wall as he rolled. We did not sell him the paint but I was able to give him these thoughts. Several things can cause paint to dry too fast. High heat, wind (even a ceiling fan), a very porous surface, cheap paint or even the paint being opened so long that the water and glycols have started evaporating.

When dealing with a porous surface the best thing to do is prime with the appropriate primer. Turn off ceiling fans and redirect heating and A/C vents, work out of the wind if possible. For other situations try a paint additive called “Floetrol”. Floetrol slows the dry time down without cutting the quality of the paint. Water will only thin the paint and reduce the quality. Floetrol also helps with Acrylic trim paints that won’t flow out evenly.

You won’t always need an additive but this one works great when you do.