A beautiful finished patio.

Staining concrete floors is a project most DYI folks can do themselves. Staining concrete is easy and the beauty it adds to a room or patio is spectacular. We sell Mason's Select Transparent Acrylic Concrete Stain, it works great and comes in eight standard colors that can be intermixed if you want more choices. As with coating all concrete, your slab must be at least 30 days old. Next you will want to check for excessive moisture coming through the slab. This is done by taping plastic to the floor and waiting 24-48 hours, lift the plastic, if there is visible moisture do not coat the slab, ask us about your options. Placing a 2' x 2' piece of heavy plastic for every 10' x 10' area is good. Clean the surface to remove all grease, oil and other contaminents ( Mason's Select offers a great cleaner). Next, check to make sure your slab is porus, this is simply done by sprinkling some water on the slab. If the water beads up, or doesn't immediately soak in, the concrete is either sealed or too smooth for staining. Sealers would need to be removed and smooth concrete can be etched using Mason's Select Safe Solution. Once the surface is prepared you are ready to stain. Protect areas that you don't want stained using drop cloths or masking paper. Follow the directions on the stain and apply using a pump up sprayer designed for deck stains. HINTS: Keep a lot of pressure in your sprayer and use a very random orbital pattern. Once you start, keep going until the untire floor is done. For added durability use Mason's Select Clear Concrete Sealer. While Mason's Select is resistant to hot tire pick-up, surface prep is very important to any good coatings project, and I would use carpet runners on a garage floor just to be safe. This may sound complicated but it is really just a few simple steps. Now if you want a completely custom look consider using tape or saw cuts to create your own pattern.