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How to Use Color to Stage Your Home



As humans, we instinctively react to color. Countless objects in the natural world send messages to our brain via color. Whether it’s a blue sky, red fire engine, or a yellow and black bumblebee, color evokes a psychological response.   Whether you draw from nature, history, personal experience or a myriad of other sources, Benjamin Moore's Color Palette is there to inspire you.  

Common Uses of Color

Below is an excerpt from an article found on the Benjamin Moore website. There is truly great value in a premium paint.

Recently a gentleman told me his latex paint was drying so fast that it would actually come off the wall as he rolled. We did not sell him the paint but I was able to give him these thoughts. Several things can cause paint to dry too fast. High heat, wind (even a ceiling fan), a very porous surface, cheap paint or even the paint being opened so long that the water and glycols have started evaporating.

Here is another project that doesn't take much time, but it can really dress up your home. Always start by cleaning away all dirt & mildew. One part bleach six parts water and a little soap will do the job. Using a scrub brush makes it easy to clean in between the slats. If there is loose or peeling paint it must be removed, sand the rough edges and prime with Benjamin Moore Acrylic Fresh Start Primer (023-00). Top coat with Benjamin Moore MoorGlo Soft Gloss House Paint (N096-xx). It only takes about 15 minutes to paint a shutter so this goes fast.

The cleaned and stained fence looks great!

Restoring an old wooden fence really dresses up your yard. This article will give you all the details on how to restore your wooden fence. I recently restored 103 linear feet of 6 foot tall treated picket fence (one side only). The first thing to do is power wash to remove dirt, mildew and the loose wood fibers. I used a 2700 psi washer with a 15 degree tip, keep off the wood 10” and clean with the direction of the wood. I cleaned one half of a picket per swipe. Be careful not to splinter the wood.

A beautiful finished patio.

Staining concrete floors is a project most DYI folks can do themselves. Staining concrete is easy and the beauty it adds to a room or patio is spectacular. We sell Mason's Select Transparent Acrylic Concrete Stain, it works great and comes in eight standard colors that can be intermixed if you want more choices. As with coating all concrete, your slab must be at least 30 days old. Next you will want to check for excessive moisture coming through the slab.

With the recent marketing of “paint and primer in one” type products, a lot of confusion is out there. Primers are made specifically to seal the surface, block a stain and/or improve adhesion. Top coats are made to add durability and beauty to the surface. These all in one products can work if they are used in the correct situation.

As the use of latex enamels grow, this topic is becoming more relevant, now let’s explore the process. Since most oil base enamels are on high abuse areas such as doors, trim and cabinets we need to make sure the adhesion of our latex paint is excellent. We also need to have a paint that wears well, is washable and it needs to flow out evenly for a smooth finish. With these expectations in mind use only a high quality acrylic such as our “Waterborne Satin Impervo 314”. This product will deliver all of the qualities described above.